It brought with it a lot of suffering, pain and destruction. It did not miss our village, Mila. Starting March 3, 2022, and for the entire month, our houses were regularly bombed, by the Russian army, without regard for our people still living in their homes. As a result of hits, a fire broke out in three residential buildings of the residential complex “Mila Apartments” (Komarova str. 40B/1, Sportivna str. 18, Sportivna str. 20), which was localized on the 5th and 6th floors. Due to the selfless actions of residents and workers who remained on the spot, not all of the apartments were burned. However, the infrastructure and the roof were severely damaged. It is now impossible to live in the surviving apartments. The buildings Komarova str. 38, Komarova str. 40A / 1, Sportivnaya str. 22 are less damaged, but also need to be repaired. In addition, the almost finished building Sportivna 24 str., which was planned to be occupied by residents this summer, was badly damaged by the bombing.

More than 6000м2 of roof was destroyed

75 apartments burned out

We are a non-profit cooperative! These houses are built and owned by those who can not afford apartments in Kyiv or even in commercial residential areas of the suburbs. Apartments in our housing estate are paid for by people with low incomes, among them many migrants from the east of Ukraine, who already lost their house during the Russian invasion of 2014 and who have now lost everything for the second time! For most families, this is their only home and they are now left without a roof over their heads! The Ukrainian government promises compensation after the war, but apartments in houses where roofs have been destroyed are being damaged by rain today! Many apartments on the lower floors are still capable of being repaired, but if restoration of the roofs isn’t started as soon as possible, the moisture that penetrates from above will quickly ruin them as well!

It is estimated that more than $ 2,800,000 will be needed to restore it

And also the necessary materials:
- brick
- cement
- lumber
- metal tiles
- waterproofing film
and more!

What will your donations be used for?

First on our to do list, is to have the buildings inspected by certified specialists and get an opinion from them, as to which structures need to be disassembled and replaced, and which have not lost their structural integrity and can be repaired. Next, we will be asking local business owners for estimates for the restoration of our buildings. These works will include; roof gas boilers and internal heating and hot water supply networks, sewerage and cold water supply networks, electricity networks, roofs of lightning protection systems, automation and alarm systems, smoke and ventilation ducts, gas supply systems of the house, etc. We will also allocate funds for the purchase of materials and to actually restore everything that was destroyed or damaged. Capital load-bearing walls, floor slabs, smoke ventilation ducts, roof trusses, roofing and all communications from gas to sewage, as well as common areas, entrance groups, windows and doors in the main halls will all need to be repaired!

Please, find the details for your charitable contributions as individuals and legal entities for the reconstruction of residential buildings of the residential complex “Mila Apartments”, which were damaged during the fighting in the village.

We appreciate all of your monetary donations as well as any local help that can be provided.

Company Name:
OK "ZhBK" Construction Association-3 "

IBAN Code (Euro)
Name of the Bank
Credit Agricole bank
US Dollars
Company Name:
OK "ZhBK" Construction Association-3 "

IBAN Code (US Dollars)     
Name of the Bank
Credit Agricole bank
Company address:
Ukraine, Kiev region, the village of Mila, 08128, Komarova Street, 38

Purpose of payment:
Charitable donation

Pay attention

The possibility of using these funds for their intended purpose and the probability of occurrence will depend on the correct indication of the purpose of the payment.

More than 300 families lost their home

Please donate to help us restore our houses